Stress Mangement and the Adult Learner.

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Stress Management and the Adult Learner

Stress Management is the ability to maintain control when situations, people and events make excessive demands on your physical or mental being. This paper will detail stress by identifying the cause, prevention and avenues of alleviating tension. The capability to manage stress throughout the adult learning process enables an individual to focus on studies and disburse time effectively.

What is stress? Stress is importance, significance, or emphasis placed upon an event that may occur in everyday life. There are many different avenues that may lead to stress. A job, family, school, and personal relationship may cause severe anxiety. Stress can cause or contribute to a group of health obstacles, including headaches, insomnia, depression, and high blood pressure, aching muscles, loss of appetite, exhaustion, and irritability. A family can be demanding and difficult to accommodate. Taking kids to school, attending football games, checking homework and spending personal time may cause an individual to feel overwhelmed by pressure broken down.

Parents may have the tendency to feel as though they are missing out on raising their kids; many worry about spending enough time involving in their children activities. Working can also drain a body emotionally and physically. "People who suffer from occupational stress (women are 60 percent more likely than men to suffer from stress are) miss four times more workdays than those with other occupational injuries and illnesses" according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The fear of losing a job, an overwhelming workload, unsafe work environment, and unreasonable hours may cause oneself to feel tension. Most of the time people stress about situations that they cannot control. No matter how anyone tries they cannot have any power over a short-tempered manager, disloyal colleagues or an inconstant economy. Trying to stay centered on work...