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Occupational Stress Prevention Program:

by Anna Katharina Molnar

1.) Gain Management commitment:

As an independent person with the commitment to develop a Stress Prevention Program for this particular Team, I gained as much Information about the individuals in this Team, about their personality type, which is important for the Team Composition.

I also let them fill out an organisational Role stress scale questionnaire (Pareek, U. Role Stress scales manual. Ahmedabad, India: Navin Publications, 1982) and analysed the outcome.

From that I found out the Types of Role stress and related them to problems within the team.

The main stress is role ambiguity, which occurs because of very poor communication, between the organisational levels and intragroup as well.

That should be taken very seriously, because this is why they can't meet the expectations upon them from the managerial Level.

There have to be a change in the communication system between the different levels of the organisation.

There is also resource ambiguity involved in your team, this means that they feel that they are not given enough resources to complete the tasks they've been given.

This kind of stress can be easily removed in different ways which are mentioned in 5.), but it has all something to do with a lack of training lack and a unmotivated team.

For some members of this particular team, role overload is a stress factor too.

They feel that they have too many responsibilities and tasks to perform and that they can not keep the timeframes because of the amount of work they have to do.

If you don't do anything about it, the company will continue to loose money and to be late in production.

You will not achieve good results from the team and will not be able to keep all the...