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Stress Reduction in the Workplace Plan Lets face it Americans are overworked and underpaid! This situation can lead to serious stress in the workplace. Stress effects millions of workers in today's high paced cut-throat work environment and can be caused by a variety of factors: time demands, lay-offs, excessive responsibility, demotions and even promotions can cause undue stress on workers. This stress can in turn lead to serious health problems like anxiety, depression, behavior disorders, alcohol and drug abuse and even workplace violence can be linked to a high stress environment. Medical costs from stress have been estimated at $75-90 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

What has been done to reduce this excessive stress in our workplaces? The answer is quite simple, Not Much At All! Much more needs to be done to reduce and eliminate this silent killer in our workplaces. What is the first step you ask? Our simple and easy program can accomplish the task! Not only will our program lower and even eliminate stress, it will in turn decrease stress related medical costs and even increase worker production.

Steps to implement the program: Research the leading causes for stress in the workplace Implement an employee stress survey to find out what areas need improvements Develop a Hypothesis or an idea of what could be done to reduce this stress Announce our Theory of Workplace Stress Reduction and sell it to Fortune 500 Companies Ideas to include in the program: Extra time off for family obligations Increase in vacation time On site exercise programs- Gyms, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists etc.

Interactive breaks and lunch time- Games, Sports teams, Investment Clubs, etc.

Wellness centers on site- Saunas, Massage therapy Internet/Coffee shops on sight with free internet and e-mail access On site stress counselors Time management classes Company...