Stress as it Relates to Addiction

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Stress and AddictionIn today's depressed economy, job loss is more frequent. Those who have managed to retain their employment are often required to work more hours, take on more responsibilities, and spend less time with families. Time for leisure and extracurricular activities is at a minimum for those fighting to keep their jobs. Others are not as fortunate. With unemployment at its highest levels since the Great Depression, many people are out of work and struggling financially to survive. Health care costs are at an all-time high. Many are uninsured and cannot afford basic health maintenance. If one is fortunate enough to see a doctor, the skyrocketing price of pharmaceuticals restricts their access to medications. Sick family members require family care that removes someone from the work force. People are retraining for new careers while working odd jobs to feed and shelter their families. News networks bombard the public with forecasts of doom and gloom as unemployment figures have increased monthly for a year.

Terrorism is a constant threat as our military volunteers are spread throughout the world to protect freedom, leaving their families alone at home. Obesity is at record levels in the United States with one third of the population tipping the scales into dangerous zones. Life is full of daily hassles for most people. Extended exposure to personal daily problems, financial woes, and environmental stressors compounded with dim hopes of improvement snowball into a never-ending downward spiral until all control over personal and societal priorities seems lost. Life is not actually like this for some people but for many, it is. The resulting circumstance one finds themselves in when control is lost is extreme stress.

Many people live with a code of definite authoritative tenets. This is their dogma. For some, it is social dominance. For...