Stress in the Workplace

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Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace can be detrimental to any business. Taking a few steps to prevent total breakdown of the workforce can minimize the effects of stress. John Duckers has some ideas on how managers can deal with workers stress. We will examine some steps to take to lessen the effects of stress has in the workplace.

Workplace stress is an increasing concern for businesses and can manifest itself in a multitude of physical and mental ailments, including back ache, diarrhea, nausea, stuttering, sleeplessness, aggression, paranoia and depression. Well-organized workloads and smoothly coordinated departments incur less stress. If someone is regularly arriving late, staying late, not hitting their deadlines or has an in-tray piled so high you can't see them, then time management could be the problem. Sorting out priority lists, easy access filing systems and learning when to delegate can all be taught through mentoring, informal training and daylong external courses.

Reward yourself and your team members for successes (Duckers, 2003). It really makes a huge difference when you take the time to recognize your workers of a job well done. The recognition can be done with awards, time off or even a candy bar.

Whether you're in front of a computer screen, dealing with customers or working with machinery, it is vital to have breaks to relax physically and mentally (Duckers, 2003). Getting out of your chair and walking around the office helps to prevent back, neck and joint pain. It also helps you to connect with those around you, which, in the right doses, can increase team spirit. Short breaks will also clear your mind and re-focus on the tasks ahead.

Go on holiday (Duckers, 2003). It is vital to have a proper break to fully switch off from the pressures of work...