Stress In The Workplace

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IntroductionAll jobs are potentially stressful, though stressors vary broadly. Existing theory and research in the workplace undoubtedly helps with the successful management of people at work. The literature offers well-rounded information on work psychology and a manager, according to his needs, may choose from a variety of existing issues and apply the theories into practice. However, it should be emphasized that from the implementation of a theory into practice, there is always a gap. I choose to examine the stress in the workplace, which is a very common issue that arises nowadays as stress is definitely part of our lives. Additionally, it is vital for a manager to be aware of job stress issues and how one can cope with it.

What is Stress?There are many definitions regarding stress. Many theorists describe it as an external force that causes strain upon an individual, while others as a reaction to a disturbance.

As a result, people will try to resist to this disturbance or try to escape. According to Cannon, this is called the "fight or flight reaction" and it means that people will either chose to give up or they will stay and fight, when they are faced with danger. Latest and more complete theories upon stress define it, as the interaction between an individual and his environment (Arnold et all). A recent theory of stress is that of Cooper (1996), who believes that stress is anything that can drive a psychological or physical factor away from its "stability range" and therefore, produces strain upon the individual. When a person knows that a stress situation will arise, he feels threatened and this causes a strain to the individual.

Overall, one could say that stress is a stimulus occurring to the person from his environment. When stress arises, one will try...