Stress in the Workplace Business Research Paper

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Stress can be motivating and invigorating, bring forth excellence for individual and a company. Stress is also a natural occurrence in everyday lives. Stress is a result in emotion change. Stress considered using as both positive and negative affects of the emotion and physical elements within an individual. When he or she think about stress in the workplace, they think of how stress can damage a company's resource. Research has shown that a health company is more apt in meeting their deadlines and projects.

In many work situations, which have reported increased levels in overwork and stress, management must examine some the leading causes of stress in the workplace. "Such as new management techniques, long hours and bullying which need to be reduced in order to provide health work environments".(HSE) 1996. Stressed employees do not realize they are stress, but those who work around them can recognize stress easily.

Employers have a duty to care for all employees' within their organization. This include there must be a reasonable work system that will not damage most people. When employees hear the word damage some of us will think of physical or mentally injured. For stress, employers are expected that employees whom take on jobs can handle them and can perform general duties of the job.

Employers are entitled to expect their employees to handle pressure and master the work environment, in a reasonable and normal kind of workplace. "Employers must abide by legislation and various regulations in terms of working time and office equipment and space as well as health and safety legislation in order to protect employee's safety and well-being". ( the mental health report guide; employers estimated that 360 million working days were lost annually in the United Kingdom at a cost of 8 billion, and that...