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Levels of stress in the workplace appear to be at an all-time high. Analysts believe this is the result of longer hours, shorter deadlines, and seemingly unattainable goals. Stress may be unavoidable in its entirety in today's work environment, but there are many avenues to explore to help relieve stress. Some methods may work better for different individuals than others; either way, stress relief is essential to maintaining a healthy work environment and lifestyle.

Stress can be induced by a wide variety of sources. Stress in the workplace is most commonly the result of conflict, deadlines, long hours, and performance expectations. Carissa Mire (2006) writes, "you're one of millions in U.S. workplaces dealing with more and more stress, something experts say is the result of longer hours to compensate for a decrease in resources and added competition" ("Dealing with stress", p. 1). Due in large to these changes in work atmosphere, stress levels are higher than ever.

Employees of my organization tend to experience stress due to various aspects of their position. Members of our sales teams have performance expectation stress. Each sales person is given monthly, quarterly, and yearly quotas. If two consecutive term quotas are not met, that person may be terminated. Individuals that hold my position are faced with conflict-related stress. Our position is responsible for speaking to customers whose instrumentation is failing. None of these customers are usually very happy at that time.

The problems with stress in the workplace need to be addressed. Mire also stated, "If many employees are stressed, it needs to be looked at from a systems level" ("Dealing with stress", 2006, p. 1). Employers can promote stress relief by providing counselors, giving employees diversions from, or providing a quiet space or room with calming music or sounds. Some employers may also...