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"94% of all students from colleges and universities in California live a very stressful life." How would you react to this quotation as a student? What do YOU think is the primary reason for being stressful? This was a quotation from a study that was done by a religious group in San Francisco. The study concluded that young people do not believe in God and thus have no faith in Him. They have said that this is the main reason for being so stressful. Stress becomes like a root which affects the branches of life, such as Peace, Purity, Love and Happiness. These branches of life further affect relationships. Relationship is a very important aspect of life. To make a long story short, numerous problems are caused by stress, so therefore it must be taken out from the roots. This paper will explore the solution to relieving stress, which is, surrendering yourself completely to God.

I have surrendered myself to Him and my life has changed dramatically.

First, let's explore what it really means to surrender yourself to God, and what happens when you do so.

To live an Angelic Life filled with Peace, Purity, Love and Happiness, we have to become free from anger, jealousy, hatred, negativity and wastage of thoughts. Unless we seek the help of God, the most Merciful, the most Loving, the Most Kind and the one who is always ready to help us, it is impossible to do it on our own. The only way out is to surrender yourself to Him. You can not get rid of your ego unless you surrender. However, the question is: WHAT does it mean to Surrender and HOW do you surrender? Surrender means that you give God the authority to do what ever he wants with you.