Stressors in Everyday Life

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Stress is a facet of our lives that we all have to deal with, whether we like it or not. It affects what we do, how we do it, and how efficient we are at doing it. And stress is everywhere in our lives: at home, at play, and especially at work. Sometimes it gives us that edge we need to excel, and sometimes it renders us useless. With the increasing amount and usage of technology with everyday life, we are subjected to the stresses of work and home wherever we go.

Most of us have or have used pagers, cell phones, email and the Internet, fax machines, and of course, computers. While we may not recognize it as we're using them, that little device is causing us stress. Technology is all around us. But most of all, technology is most present in our work environments, and is therefore the greatest breeding ground for stress, and to illustrate this point we'll look at a four year study of business attitudes towards technology, found attached to the back of the report.

Projects, deadlines, bosses breathing down your neck, being at odds with a co-worker...add all of those stresses of "normal" workplaces to the stress caused by technology, and it's a wonder that half of the working population makes it to their homes every night.

Much of the problem with technology and stress lies in the fact that people lack the proper training for the devices they're using. Some people just adapt to changing technology more readily than other people. People in the workplace were polled on how well their training was with computers, and it was given one of three ratings: good to excellent, fair to terrible, or no training at all. As stated in the study, "Only one-third of...