"Strictly Ballroom" directed by Baz Luhrman

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Strictly ballroom directed by Baz Luhrman depicts a microcosm of society through the use of image. The responder plays witness to the superficial world that we live in, the power hungry characters that inhabit this world and the few individuals who dare to be different and carpe diem. All of which portray an image of key aspects that can be seen throughout society. Similarly, these ideas are also satirized through the use of image in the music video stupid girl directed by Todd Holland and a deeper realization of the impact image has on society can be gathered from deconstruction of the oil painting of Mohammad Ali obtained from google images by LeRoy Neiman.

We are given insight to the struggle for individuality in the micro society depicted by Luhrman through the use of visual imagery and camera techniques. The key scene that depicts individuality is when Scott first takes the plunge and decides to dance his own steps in the beginning of the film.

This scene is given depth by the slow motion movements which can be used to emphasize or dramatize the scene. The close up of Scott accentuates his content. Similarly, stupid girl promotes individuality by satirizing superficiality. "Im so glad that Ill never fit in, that will never be me". Holland uses a low angle shot to empower pink and accentuate her individuality. This satirist styled approach allows us to understand the significance of being an individual through the aid of camera techniques. Neimans depiction of Ali similarly portrays Alis' individuality. Ali is known for his unique personality and tactics which is depicted in this image. His character stands out and is dominant in the picture suggesting his separation from "the norm". The brightness of his character, juxtaposed to the blurred background highlights that...