A Strong Plan?

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Education is one of the most important issues in the coming presidential election. Both of the candidates put a large emphasis on this subject because it is very important to the vast majority of the population. The opening line on the Kerry website about education reads," Education is at the core of America's basic promise - that all Americans should be able to make the most of their potential." I agree with him that all of the topics that he talks about are very important, but I do not believe he has a strong enough plan to implement his ideas. Kerry tells that he wants to give more money to schools so that they will have sufficient funds to create a better learning environment. This sounds like a very good idea, but he does not give any further information on how he would like to achieve this. He also believes that "teachers are the foundation of a great school," (www.johnkerry.com)

and that we need good ones in every class. Another part of education that Kerry places a strong emphasis on is the idea of creating more after-school programs to aid in children's learning, as well as keep them out of trouble. All of these ideas sound very appealing and could become very good plans to help better public education in our country. But none of them are backed up with very much support at all, so it is impossible to know whether or not these plans could be put into effect with the resources that the government has. Another problem is that Kerry does not give a timetable for any of these ideas, so it is unknown how long they would take to start working as he envisions. It is very difficult to know what Kerry will truly do for...