The Stroop Effect

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This study is an analysis of forty personal relationship ads placed in a newspaper, twenty placed by men and twenty by women. We divided them in eight categories such as, the use of humor, ethnicity etc, according to their requests or the information they give about themselves.

Using the SPSS we tried to investigate in which categories males and females differ and in which they appear to be similar.


A challenge over many centuries is how to help single young men and women to find suitable marital mates. Traditional societies use marriage brokers and relatives to bring young persons and their parents together, while in modern societies young persons meet through co-educational colleges, jobs and dating. Both traditional and modern societies have struggled with the difficulty of finding suitable matches. In our society, those without close relationships have various options for meeting new people, they can ask friends and family, they can join clubs and organizations, they can use market services designed for such pursuits, such as singles bars, professional matchmakers or telephone dating lines, or they can place an advertisement in a newspaper. Any...