Structural assimilation vs. Prejudic and Discrimination

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Opposites always attract like structural assimilation and prejudice vs. discrimination. In this essay that is what we will be talking about. Also what is the difference of prejudice and discrimination? And if there can be one without the other (ex. Prejudice without discrimination).

Structural assimilation when an accepted set up of a societal moray is changed. In other words it is a switch up in a society standard. For example the first licensed to be issued for a casino in Las Vegas Nevada was a woman. Structural assimilation seems to be something that is done that we are not use to. Culture assimilation is a mixing of one society beliefs and knowledge. This tells us that if two or more beliefs/knowledge are mixed together to be one its culture assimilation. It's like buying a pizza pie and Greeks are making the pizza instead of Italians. Culture assimilation is for people that are two different cultures to blend together.

Assimilation can be seen as "the blending of the culture and structure of one racial or ethnic group with the culture and structure of society" ( see Curry, Tim; Jiobu, Robert; and Schwirian, Kent (2002), P172). A process by which one culture is destroyed and another culture imposed on a people, usually by force. In the process, the young people of a status group defined as 'low' adopt the values and norms of status groups defined as superior. People do not readily surrender their culture (i.e., their capacity to create a particular form of culture). The recent (1977) television series, Roots documents the brutality involved in the destruction of culture as Blacks were assimilated into American culture as slaves. All assimilation is blending/mixing behavior may it be bad or forced upon or gladly accepted.

Prejudice is "an...