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According to a case study done by Marilyn Pierson "A 4-year-old girl, Jennifer Rose Kell, who police say was drowned by her father's girlfriend, lived in a home where reported child abuse was a constant companion, according to authorities. Police and child protective service records show a pattern of reported abuse by (father's) 'Girlfriend' and 'Father' against his 4-year-old daughter.

According to the Police Detective, 'Girlfriend' punished the 4-year-old by leaving the little girl in the sweltering heat of a vehicle for 45 minutes and giving her cold baths and burned her at least once with a cigarette. On Wednesday, 'Girlfriend' allegedly became enraged when the little girl took a Pepsi and played with her make-up. 'Girlfriend' forced the little girl to drink 48 ounces of Pepsi, and then took the girl into a bathtub filled with a foot of water. She threw cupfuls of water into the child's face as punishment, then submerged and held the little girl under water when she tried to avoid the onslaught of water.

She continued throwing water into the girl's face while she was under water. 'Girlfriend' freed the child after 'Father' pleaded with her to stop.

Within an hour, the little girl began vomiting and had trouble breathing and the 'Girlfriend' and 'Father' called 911. She was groggy and nauseated when medical crews arrived. Her condition worsened en route to the hospital, and she died 24 hours later at a children's hospital. Doctors said the girl drowned and there were bruises on her body.

Child abuse is a serious problem that had a 299% increase between 1986 through 1993. (Child Abuse Statistics) It is defined as "intentional acts that result in physical or emotional harm to children." (Encarta) Damage done to a child that cannot be reasonably explained or is often represented...