Struggles women face in college

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Date: 31 October 2013

To: Female College Students

Cc: Cody Riedy, English 100 Instructor

From: Curtis Partain

Subject: Struggles Women Face in College


Research regarding the struggles that college students face are even more stressful for women to deal with than for men. Women in college are at a disadvantage when it comes to the amount of stressful situations and worries come with being a female on campus and under high academic pressure. Dealing with stress that can potentially lead to depression is more difficult for women, because they are naturally much more self-conscious than men. Sexual assault is also something that females on campus, at parties, and bars, must be aware of and is an increased threat to women participating in college festivities. There are many factors that contribute to the reason as to why women are more likely to stress themselves out on a higher level than men, but there are also ways for them to prevent becoming victims of depression caused by stress and of sexual assault.


Women in college spend more time than men; studying, working on assignments, volunteering, and participating in extra academic programs in order to be as academically successful as possible. The pressure that women feel towards being able to get the best job they can with their degree when they graduate college is more intense, because women have a harder time paying off college debts since they are paid much less than their male counter partners. On average, female college graduates earn two-million dollars less than male college graduates, of their lifetime (Ortega para.8). The time consumption that women tend to allow their school work to have on their day leaves them with very little time to relax, exercise, and spend time socializing with friends. Incorporating...