Strugles of working parents

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Evan Lineman

The struggles of working parents are having to get enough money. They have to worry about if they have enough money for bills, and repairs to their cars or house. They need to worry if they have enough money to get you all your school supplies and all those little things that add up to be a lot. They need to be able to provide that quality relaxation time. Like vacations and little get a ways that make life so much fun.

The working parents also have to worry about finding time to get their kids where they need to go. They need to worry about if your kid is going to get to their game on time. They have to devote almost all of their time to provide for them and care for them. They spend their weekends taking them places and going to their games.

In parker's article "Double Daddy" Parker states "After school, Wills watches his sons, Eric and Ben, 12, practice their rock band."(Parker 33). They give their all to give their kid a bright future.

The struggles of working parents are have to worry about their job and if they are going to get that raise they want or get a pay cut. They might also have to worry about getting laid off. They have to think if there business is doing well and if they might have to find a new job. In Daniel's article "The Child's View of Working Parents" The Cora stated "They are often worried about our safety. Will we get to work safely? Will there be an accident? Will something go wrong? They are telling us to be there for them."(Daniels 37)

The parents also have to worry about struggles at home like coming home to a...