It is a stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave.

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It started years ago like a joke cracked by a famous jester. A lifeless stick of matches scratched against its coated paper produces a small flame but when left carelessly near an open jar of volatile petrol, causes a conflagration, which can claim life and property.

Rose started smoking at the age of fourteen. She was born to a very wealthy family of five and she was the only daughter. I wonder why most children born in wealthy homes appear to be the worst groomed. It may be because of the luxury and comfort associated with those homes. Their moral deficiency might have resulted from too much petting and pampering. It may also be because the knowledge of their parent's wealth has gone into their heads.

Rose smokes and drinks heavily. She could take five bottles of stout beer at a time. She developed these bad habits in a private Girls Secondary School.

Little wonder my father believed that mixed schools are much better. I have now confirmed this, using Rose as a case study.

I tried as much as possible to persuade Rose to stop smoking, but she refused. Nobody who saw Rose would believe that she could indulge in such a bad habit because it did not even show on her. She was always looking healthy. In spite of my persistent warnings that smoking was not good for her, and that it might destroy her brain and lungs, she laughed hysterically just to ridicule me as somebody who was ignorant.

Rose was so glued to cigarettes that she could not afford to leave it.

She had become addicted. I told her that she alone would not make the

Rothmans Cigarette Company folds up if she stopped smoking; that she had nothing to lose because the company was not...