Student Expectations and Values

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University of PhoenixStudent Expectations and ValuesWhile attending the University of Phoenix students are expected to follow certain values according to their Program's Handbook, which in my case is the Master of Information Systems (MIS) Program Handbook. These values should already be a part of a student's individual character, however, to ensure a common understanding of the University's policies and procedures Students' Rights and Responsibilities have been discussed in full detail in each student's Program Handbook. Upon acceptance to the University of Phoenix students are expected to exert the following values, which are ethics, honesty, integrity, mutual respect and civility to faculty and students.

Students are expected to present themselves ethically, which means to abide by the rules implemented by the university. As a student of the university, all information that is discussed in class or used as examples that are sources from other students workplace should remain confidential, along with any personal or contact information.

Access to the universities web site is strictly for student and faculty use only and user names and passwords should be protected by each individual student. Each student is responsible for his or her individual actions and will be held accountable if they obstruct the learning of others. Students are also expected to comply with instructor's requests of submitting individual and group assignments within the allotted time frame. This guarantees that the student is not falling behind on assignments and fosters the student's ability in meeting deadlines. The university also insists that students attend classes to ensure that they are adhering to attendance policies and not wasting their time along with the university as a whole. Attendance is the key to making sure the student stays on top of assignments, any class discussions or questions that they may have. This will allow the student...