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Essay by madeinrussia20 December 2006

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The presentation about Community was interesting. I found it very interesting to hear what different students had to say about the topics that were discussed. I especially thought it was interesting to hear what the guest speakers input about their feelings toward the students at La Salle University and their negative affect on the community. It was definitely a shock, to say the least, that the community felt that a large part of the problem in the community was the college students.

I don't necessarily agree with this because the students at La Salle aren't contributing to the murder and rape rates that constitute Philadelphia as being the third highest crime rated city in America. I understand that it may be an issue for the community to have to deal with loud music at every hour of the night, disrespectful college kids and the other various difficulties in living in a college town, but that doesn't cause people to inflict violent crimes such as murder and rape, constant theft and the other various forms of crime in the city.

To me, I think that there are several, significantly larger matters that need to be dealt with in Philadelphia than the ruckus of college students at night. I think that it is absolutely absurd to blame college students for the problems North Philadelphia has. In any large city, inhabited by college students, there is a problem presented by college students and the community cohabitating an area.