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Firefighter responding

A firefighter is the most dangerous job in the world. A firefighter's mission is to protect the people from danger, and put himself at risk to save others. This job needs a good mentality and high level of physical fitness. A firefighter's duty starts by checking and inspecting the equipment. So, they becomes ready to respond any time for emergency. Firefighter usually responds to three types of an emergency incidents: fire incident, rescue incident, hazard material incident.

A first common type of emergency incident is fire incident. Many firefighter were injured or killed in this type of incident. Fire is defined as a chemical reaction between Oxygen, heat and fuel. Therefore, everything catches fire it can be extinguish by using proper type of extinguishers. For example, if a house catches fire, it will not be extinguished unless they use water extinguisher. In addition, time is very important because the house might burn completely within a few minutes.

A second common type is rescue incident. Rescue defined as evacuating a trapped person or victim. Rescue has many techniques. For example, if a person trapped in a car accident, they usually uses vehicle extrication technique. Also, if a person is trap on narrow place or fill down on a tank they use a confined space technique.

The last and most difficult type of incident is hazard material incident. Hazard material is defined as any material or substance that could adversely affect the safety of the public. For example, if a high toxic material like Sulfur spills on the ground, a firefighter will wear special clothes and use technique to contain it.

In conclusion, a firefighter should be professional and expert in his job. So, he needs to take the right action in the right place for these incidents:...