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�PAGE � �PAGE �7� Teaching Children Who Stutter

Teaching the Child, Adolescent or Teenager Who Stutters

Anthony S. Miller

Chicago State University

Term Paper Presented

For the Course Special Education 301

Spring 2005



The objectives of this paper are to inform teachers, parents and students about the effects on the psyche that stuttering can have on a student. We will examine the differences in the child who stutters while in elementary school, and junior high school and high school. We will also look at what are the currently accepted principals that all students and teachers should use when dealing with a child who stutters. After completion of reading this paper, the reader will be able to identify stuttering patterns of their students and peers and will know the steps that should be taken in dealing with a student who stutters.



What is stuttering and who is affected.

Research indicates that there is rarely any difference between the speech organs of the stutterer and those who do not stutter. We will examine different school ages of children who stutter. From the elementary school child who is in the age group that determines whether stuttering will either increase or decrease. To the secondary school child who is coping with adolescence combined with the alienation that stuttering can bring. The elementary school aged child. There are children in this age group who not only repeat and prolong sounds markedly, but also struggle and become tense and frustrated in their efforts to talk. They need help. Without it, their stuttering problem will probably adversely affect their classroom performance. As with the preschool child, consult with a speech pathologist as well as with the parents and discuss your observations with them. The secondary school aged child. While many young children do...