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Academics should not be considered as only a learning experience, where through experimentation and liberal arts, students learn about cultures, about traditions and about different historical and geographical ideologies and existences (Should You Go to Graduate School, n.d.).

Even though, liberal arts colleges and such focus on all round learning, graduate study is by far, focused and directed towards careers. In this regard, graduate study creates challenges for students and it becomes difficult to succeed for students who come directly out of the experimentation phase in their liberal arts college years (Should You Go to Graduate School, n.d.).

Apart from that, even when students are in their graduate level, time is difficult and so are studies. There are several aspects of life that the students have to manage in order to attain their graduate education. Students even though, they may be in the right career by sheer choice, tend to focus on their studies and their life, but still tend to mismanage or get disrupted, in their routines, primarily for the reason that managing time, effort, and finances becomes a difficult task for these students.

One of the most difficult tasks in graduate schools, for all the students is of course managing time. Time is of crucial importance for each and every student, and it becomes extremely difficult to manage when there are many priorities to handle and often when these priorities become conflicting.

Student Survival Guide 3Time management has to take place across different planes like managing time for studying for exams, completing graduate theses and studies, completing term papers and case study assignments, studying before and after class, managing time for lab and library research and work, and time management for other priorities like house work, job or work, work related assignments and task among other things.