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Essay by mommyoftwo April 2009

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I have just completed my first 2 classes at Axia College of University of Phoenix. I am taking 2 classes at a time and each class is 9 weeks long. Nine weeks may not seem like enough time to complete and understand an entire class through distance learning but I beg to differ. I was anxious and excited to start my online college experience. On my first day I discovered that I was adding extremely confused to the bundle of nerves I was already feeling. After an entire day of reading and asking a million and one questions to my classmates and instructors, I was ready to jump on the road to success at Axia College of University of Phoenix. I am proud to say that these past 9 weeks have gone by fast and I have gained so much knowledge that I will not only use for school, but with my every day life.

I am enclosing a list of personal action plans that has and will continue to serve as a resource guide to follow back on throughout the rest of my college journey.

•Using Axia's Educational ResourcesAxia's educational resources offer program tools that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help assist students with their studies. There is an online library, student workshops, plagiarism checker, and the Center for Writing Excellence. The online library provides thousands of articles and texts for students to use as references to help with their research. The student workshops are available for students to take to help them prepare for an upcoming class, or just simply refresh their memories. The plagiarism checker program allows students to submit their papers they have written and gives feedback on how much of their paper is similarStudent Survival Guide 3to...