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Skills for Learning in an Information AgeWe have reached the end of the first block of classes at axia online college. While some things are as I expected there are also many things that I have learned along the way. These first two classes that I have taken have served as a stepping stone not only to my future classes but also to life in general. As the title of the class states, I have successfully learned skills for learning in an information age. I will without a doubt use these skills in many future endeavors of life. I found this class to be helpful in everyday life as well as in the classroom setting. Everyone could benefit from have skills to doing research online. From this class I will take five main lessons with me as I journey through my studies at Axia College. These skills are as follows: conducting successful library and internet searches, upholding academic honesty, developing effective study skills, managing time wisely, and setting and achieving goals.

Setting and achieving goals:First and foremost I believe that setting and achieving goals is the most important place to start. Most of us had some sort of goal in mind when we made the decision to sign up for these classes. However most of us did not sit down and decide on a plan of action to meet those goals. In order to successfully achieve goals we must have short term goals and a deadline to meet them. Then we must have a plan on how we intend to meet those goals.

For example:Short term goal: Earn an associates in arts business degree.

Deadline: 20 months.

How: Enroll and complete 60 credit hours at axia online college.

By doing this we have a specific plan of...