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Strategy and Tactics: Fulfilling the Communications objectives "Strategy summarises 'how we get there' - how the objectives will be achieved." (P.R. Smith) The previous section has provided solutions to the problems faced by marketing objectives, however, there are still some areas unresolved. These areas relate to the Communications Objectives outlined in the Objectives section.

Objective 1: · Raise awareness amongst the whole of the new student population, as well as existing students who will be familiar with some or all of the existing services the SU provides.

Strategy 1: Install a PowerPoint projector on site in the SU building. The reason behind this is to show information on the events and projects managed by the SU. This will not only create awareness of social events and sports and societies, but can also be used to promote volunteer based student activities as well as fundraising and student support services.

Tactics 1: Scheduling of programmes shown on the PowerPoint projector one of the best methods of reaching the student population. For example, during social hours in the SU bar (between 8pm and 11pm) it is more important to promote social events and issues that would be most relevant to users of the bar at that time. Research must be undertaken in order to evaluate the effectiveness of placing advertisements and student information on one or two large screens. Different promotional material can be displayed on a repeating loop. The users of the SU bar will be exposed to the information as the evening goes on. It is proven that consumers are more likely to recall a message the more times it is repeated to them. It is essential that a looped tape does not repeat too much during the course of a 4-hour period. The effect of repeated messaging on...