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The measure being considered to stop incidents such as the recent fight downtown is totally unnecessary and unfair. There are other measures that would prove just as effective against such incidents that would still be acceptable to all parties involved.

Totally barring students for going off campus may solve the problem, but it would be punishing the students who have never been involved in or caused any problems. It unreasonable to punish the whole to get to the few when they can easily be taken care of individually.

One solution that I believe would definitely help is to deny the privilege to those who are know to have caused or be involved in such incidents. This is much easier, in my opinion, than to deal with an entire class and would allow authorities to not worry about those troublesome few who earn the school it undeserved reputation.

Another solution would be to make certain areas off-limits.

Those areas where the most trouble has be known to happen should be blocked off. This should be acceptable to businesses who complain the most about students near their place of business.

These solutions together would definitely help stop fights and other incidents that authorities are worried about. Totally barring off-campus privileges is unreasonable and necessary. The parties involved thinking of this measure are only thinking of themselves. If they would consider the problem from our perspective, I'm quite sure that they would think twice before deciding that barring the off-campus privilege is the way to go. To punish the whole in order to get the few could cause more problems than doing nothing at all.

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