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The cause of many problems can be stopped before it even happens. The question is how can this be done? It is simple. Establishing a positive school climate may help him/her feel able to be rest assured that they are in good hands. Their own parents and teachers should promote social skills which helps the student be more confident instead of making them feel like waste. Also if the child seems to be problematic the best solution should be counseling and anger management programs.

When a problem seems that it is about to occur such by the behavior of a student make sure he/she has positive friends that may help them. Also conflict resolutions come in handy and do start to develop more confidence in them that violence is not the answer. If the problem of the child is because of lower grades then a student should attend a counselor that will be able to identify the difficulties of a student and enroll them in an alternate program.

Any display of unacceptable behavior will have it consequences. If a student is in sports they may be temporarily or permanently removed from the sport(s) and other privileges such as dances field trips and maybe class. If there is any offense that results in criminal charges then the police will be involved. The person that comitts any damage to property of an individual they will have to restitute for the property damage. Formal warnings are told to the student by the school administration.

Students are to be treated with respect and dignity. In return, they must demonstrate respect for themselves, for others and for the responsibilities of citizenship through acceptable behavior. If not the work that is trying to be made will be in vane.