Students benefit more from being in co-ed schools than in single-sex schools. Do you agree?

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I totally agree that students benefit more from being in a co-ed school than in a single-sex school.

Being in a co-ed school means that students of both sexes need to acquire proper social etiquette. Girls have to learn to sit, speak and even walk properly. For instance, in a girls' school, girls need not worry very much about how they sit as there are no boys around. They can run and yell at the top of their voices without having to worry excessively about their reputation or image. In a mixed school, a girl who does not present herself in a lady-like manner will soon receive snide remarks form the boys. They may be labeled 'tom-boys' or given nicknames such as 'gorillas'; they may have to live with these tags for years. This acts a deterrent to girls who do not present themselves in a feminine manner. For the boys, they will have to learn to be more civilized in their behaviour and speech as they too face the threat of being 'labelled'.

Students in co-ed schools need to acquire the proper social skills to get along well with one another especially as boys and girls perceive things differently. Boys need to learn to be more sensitive to girls' delicate feelings while girls, on the other hand, will have to be more tolerant of boys' rowdy behavior.

Intellectually, boys and girls can learn from each other as the embark on the quest for knowledge together. Girls mature earlier and tend to take things more seriously than boys of the same age. As such,they may be able to influence their peers of the opposite sex to work harder in their studies. In general, boys are able to to absorb certain mathematical or scientific theories better than girls. consequently, they...