Students having to choose between things they like, and sports

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my sophomore year in high school i was brought up with a problem. I had to either choose between racing my dirtbike or playing basketball. I almost got kicked off the team for just telling him about it. I told my coach in advance about the ONE race that iw as going to. I told him that i had no choice even. But still, he got mad.

Every school has its rules, but what if they are not in the rule book. Just because they need to lay down a rule should it be able to go in half way through the sport.

NO!, there should always be a way to get through the system and still be able to do whatever you had started, until the next time you try it and they will probably get the rule in the book. But you have to stand up for what you want to do.

You might not like the outcome, but you have to.

Things you should do in case this ever happens. Tell your mommy like i did. That's a joke really. Talk to your coach first. Then if he doesn't like what you have to say. Try and wait a day or two until the coach has cooled down and try and talk to him about it again. Make sure you talk to the coach well he/she is in a good mood and is not very busy. If he/she still doesn't like what you have to say, go to the Atheletic Director and talk to him. He usually has the final say. Other thant he school board. He/she has the say in waht goes on.

There is still consequences. You won't be completely free. You'll probably end up missing a few games or be demoted to a lower...