Students' Rights and Teachers' Responsibilities Scenario

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Students' Rights and Teachers' Responsibilities ScenarioThe School Board is the exclusive owner of any public school building and any desk or locker utilized by any student contained therein or any other area that may be set aside for the personal use of the students. Any teacher, principal, administrator, or school security guard employed by the school board, having a reasonable belief that the public school building, desk, locker, area or grounds contain any weapons, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, nitrate based inhalants, stolen goods, or other items, the school reserves the right to search the students locker (Mczeal, 2004). Students have the right to protection from unlawful searches and seizures of their personal possessions without reasonable cause. In the event that reasonable cause is implicated, a student's locker should be checked without the students' permission (Lafayette Parish Student Handbook, 2007-2008).

A traditional view of the teacher is of someone who dispenses knowledge.

Someone who lectures, tell, feeds, and covers material. Teachers wear many hats: friend, counselor, judge, and mentor. They take on hundreds of different roles for different classes. One role that teachers take on is a protective role. Their job is not only to educate, but also to protect. Protecting students from other violent students, drugs, even themselves, is a role that teachers play every day. Teachers are legally responsible for each student at all times including while they are out of the room and the room is unattended, while they are outside of the building, or on a field trip, while they are supervising physical education. Teachers are responsible for the safety of all students while under their care. A teacher's responsibility is to make sure to notify proper administrators. Failing to do this may hold the teacher liable (Clark, 2005).

Teachers should determine when it is necessary...