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Good study habits are behind almost all good students. Improving ones study habits will almost undoubtedly raise their test grades, quiz grades, and overall average in every class. Three study habits I feel that I need to improve on the most are concentration, memory, and time management.

The study skill I need the most improvement is concentration. Distractions are everywhere-from the TV, radio, or even my little brother and sister. To completely quell these distractions is impossible. But, limiting them and concentrating on work without them for the time I need is essential in raising my grades. To limit my distractions, I must try to become more interested in the subject matter, turn off all TV's or radios near me that could distract my concentration. I should also set aside a few hours a day for me to do my work and study. When I feel my mind starting to wander, I need to quickly refocus on my work and continue studying.

In the past, I would watch TV, listen to music or even talk to friends while doing my homework and studying. To reach the grades I want to, I must refrain from these activities until my work is done.

Memory is another important study habit that I must work on. Teachers assign homework so the students can memorize the work done during homework and then quiz them on it. So, if I improve my memory abilities, I will undoubtedly increase my scores and in turn, my overall grade. To improve my memory of subject matter, I can try to become more interested in the subject I am studying. I can also make an effort to remember the material rather than just trudging through my work, just trying to get it done. Using mnemonic devices, flash cards, and...