A Study of Anorexia and Bulimia

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Abstract Never before in human history has obesity been as prevalent as it is in today?s society, especially in the United States. In stark contrast society in the United States places extreme pressure on our adolescent youth to achieve an ideal thinness that is unhealthy and usually not achieved by healthy eating patterns. The media is constantly bombarding us with the newest and latest diet and with images of super thin models. With such conflicting issues in society many of our youth are using maladaptive eating patterns to try and achieve this ?ideal thinness.? The result is the increasing number of eating disorders among adolescent and college age individuals. While eating disorders primarily affect white females there are a significant number of males also suffering. Over the last twenty years eating disorders have risen in all races, including minority men. Most colleges are now offering screenings for eating disorders and hopefully with early detection the success rate will also increase.

Treatment for eating disorders requires the cooperation of many individuals, but most importantly the person suffering needs to want help. If the proper treatment is received there is a fifty percent recovery rate.

Introduction The unrealistic image of thinness and the excessive value that is placed on weight and appearance in today?s society creates excessive pressure on girls to achieve a body weight and size that is unrealistic, as a result a large group of girls are using unhealthy dieting practices that result in full or partial eating disorders (Pike, 1995). An eating disorder is a psychosomatic illness, which means that emotional distress is expressed through bodily symptoms. Anorexia and bulimia are diseases that affect the mind and body simultaneously. They affect the way people think, perceive, and process information. A core belief in these eating disorders is that...