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I don't dare to say that my English is good enough to teach others . But based on my English grades , I'd like to share my experiences with you .

Of course , you have basic English skill (or how can you read my articles ?) . I there just want to give you more tips on it !

Developing to like English

This is especially important when you learn English first . It's just like the stuff you are fond of , and then you will pay more efforts , isn't it ? Like me , I really like English more than just a subject ! I like to sing , speak , listen to ......It's all English ! So , if you don't like to study English , just try learning English . For me , it may be more fun learning than studying !

Well i'll post some more info later...

Learning English is just like learning other things , it all needs patience. It may difficult at first , but you won't feel that way if you are familiar with it ! Just be humble and keep up with the good work , you will find English is not so hard to be good at !

It's a trend to speak in English . Everyone says English is so important . Now it's a world that so called "Earth Village" . We people all around the world can communicate directly only in the same language . And that is English . We can't deny the importance of English that will effect on our future , including job , life surroundings , etc . But just face the fact . Actually , I can say learning English is a fun and meaningful task , in...