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Morohology - is the study of word structure

Morpheme - the smallest form in language with specific meaning

Ding-Dong - theory of language invention holds that humans developed language by repeating sounds made by animals.

Derivation - the "-er" suffix in "rocker" is a suffix.

Syntactic Rule - the structural elements of sentences can be explained

Noam Chomsky - the theory of transformation grammar was developed

Noun - the head of the construction "NP -"" Art Adj N"

Allomorphys- two form of the same morpheme which differ in minute ways due to their phonetic environment (such as in doogs an cats)

Preposational Phrase - in syntactic notation the abbreviation PP stands

Affix - what makes a complex words complex? Answer: it contains a root and at least one

Circumfix - this type of affix: chitat, to read "" nachitatsa, to read satisfaction

Transitive verb - a verb which requires a direct object is known

Reduplication - repeating the same element over and over in a pharse

Pharse Structure trees - the hierarchical nature of sentences and phrases can be illustrated