Study guide on the great depression and ww2

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Munich peace pact- Czech

Forbade the transportation or sale of weapons to waring nations-neutrality act

Permitted the loan of united states war materials- lend/lease

Battled that French/Britain fled from france to England- Dunkirk

First city to be destroyed by atomic bomb- Hiroshima

Truman made decision to drop the bomb

Stalingrad key battle the germans lost in the soviet union

6million jews-holocaust/final solution

Nagasaki 2nd destroyed in atomic bomb

Last german invasion-battle of the bluge

Us in the war- pearl harbor

Japanese prime minister-tojo

First draft in us- selective service act

Giving into an agresser - appeasement

Mussolini dictator of italy in 1922

Soviet dictator- stalin

Fdr received carrabian air bases in exchange for ww1 destroyers

Racial prejudice in us -japanese interment camps

Regeme that totally controls lives of citizens- totalarian

Us plan to cut Japanese supply lines- island hopping

Us goal of ww2- defeat Hitler

Hitlers green light to start ww2- non aggressive pact with soviet union

Britain and france declared war on germany when they got Poland

In 1940 when france surrendered to germany, their only foe was great Britain

Natzi concentration camp targeted jews and slavs, pols, undesirables

Invaded ethiopia- italy

Dday- Normandy, france

Battan death march in the phillipines

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931

Us captured iow jima and okiwana

Women in the work force- rosie the riviter

Fdrs famous statement after the war "a date that will live in infamy

Turning point in the pacific-midway

Hitlers goals- knock out the ussr out of war and secure their oil resources and knock out great Britain

African American aviators- tuskeggee

Asian Americans that fought- nisei

Stopped germany from going north Africa- el alemain

Create rules of war- Geneva

Prosecute criminals after ww2- nuremburg

Movement of blacks into cities- great migration

Tariff that contributed to great depression-smoot-hawley...