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There are a few different techniques that I like to use to help me study. The first study

habit is using flash cards. I find that if I us flash cards it helps me remember because I have to

write all the questions and answers on the cards. Then I keep going over them and can answer

the questions two ways. I can answer the questions or definitions and flip it over to see the

answer, or I can look at the answer and then flip it over to see the definition or question. This

technique is one of my more successful studying habits.

When I have to learn a list of things, I find that writing the list repeatedly helps me to

remember. Sometimes I find that I have to write the list about twenty to twenty-five times before

I actually remember what is on the list.

Then after I remember the list, I can start remembering

the definitions of the each listing with the flash cards.

My other technique for studying definitions is as effective as flash cards for me. I like to

fold a piece of paper diagonally, almost in half. I write my definitions on one side the paper and

the answers on the other. Then I can question myself without being able to see the answer. I

have also found that I remember more by doing a little each day. If I use my information that I

have to learn on a daily basis, I feel that I retain it more. My study habits seem to take me longer

than other people that I have spoken with about how they study. I do feel that repetition is the

best method of containing information in our long...