A study of From Hell the movie and how accurate it is when telling the story of Jack the Ripper.

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From Hell is a move based on the story of Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in England at the turn of the century. This story is famous for many reasons the most important of which is the killer was never found and who the killer was has never been proven, also the way the story gain publicity and how the story played out in the daily papers of England gave the story legs. In the film, the story is portrayed correctly and many of the finer points about the killer and killings are accurate, so that From Hell could be an accurate portrayal of history.

From Hell is very accurate in many ways especially in the character development and in the gruesomeness of the killer's acts. It is true that all of the women killed were prostitutes and when they were killed it is widely believed that they were drunk at the time of death, which is shown in the movie, also the movie does actually name those who died.

The film also does a wonderful job in including the social diversity of the East End of London. At that time as shown in the movie the area was polluted with prostitutes, drunks, and the poorest of the poor and also the rich and powerful like the police chief looked down upon them. The other well-documented part of the killings was the gruesomeness that occurred after the deaths. The killer did dissect the body and cut the liver, small intestines, heart and other body parts out of the body to basically hollow out the body so only the bones remained. The gruesomeness, especially in the case of the last killing was well and accurately shown. (studentworld.com)

From Hell, is a historically accurate...