A study into the Moral Development of Children; Girls develop morals earlier than boys.

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How do we teach our children about right and wrong? Where do they learn compassion, kindness, and other important morals? Are there practical ways for parents to shape their child's characters? These are some of the questions we will be looking at for now to shape our kids into a better individual.

When people talk about moral development, they are referring to their conduct and attitude towards other people in society. They look to see a person follows society's norms, rules, and laws. In terms of children, we are describing their ability to distinguish right from wrong. Sometimes children have people to guide them and sometimes they have to learn it by themselves by observing those around them. As children, they might never really know why they are not to do this or that. Most of the time they are told what right or wrong, without any reasons and that leaves them to think for them a reason from how they see it as.

Maybe it was wrong because he was a boy? Or it's only meant for a girl to do? Or maybe it has something to do with him or her being different to other children?


Literature Review


In 1984, Piaget observed that children understand concepts and reason differently at different stages. Piaget stated children's cognitive strategies which are used to solve problems reflect an interaction between the child's current developmental stage and experience in the world. Piaget determined that younger children judge bad behaviour by the amount of damage caused by a person's behaviour. He would tell children a story with a moral dilemma. He would ask them to tell him "who is naughtier:" a boy who accidentally broke fifteen cups or a boy who breaks one cup trying to reach a...