the study of the negro

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Dante Woodson

The Study of the Negro

There is a lot that goes into the study of Negros instead of just them being slaves. Most people don't even think about looking into Negros. The reason why so many give such little attention to the background of the Negro is the belief that this study is unimportant and very irrelevant. Even though the study of Negros is important because the Negro race is just as important and any other race. Negros basically have their own class due to how they were treated and still are being treated but it is not as bad now than it was before. This is because the oppressor has put a negative mind set into the Negros and other races that Negros are worthless, which put the Negros in their own class. The also oppressor teaches the Negros that they has no worth-while past and that his race has nothing significant since the beginning of time.

Also the oppressor always reminds them that they will never be anything. The education of a Negro was carefully directed because they didn't want them to achieve anything. They were told even if they were taught anything it would not work out no matter how good they do. Negros were schooled instead of being educated, meaning they were being trained opposed to being taught were you can question what you're being taught and that is what the oppressor didn't want. Since they were schooled they did everything by the rules. For example if you tell a Negro to always use the back door that's what he would do and if there is no back door then the Negro will create a back door because the Negro was trained that was the only way in. Once the oppressor had control...