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Current affairs to me are the getting across of somebodies/peoples point of view on a situation whether is being a controversial issue, the raising awareness of an event, the truth exposed or just a current media issue. For me they present a view on the truth that is so borderline between "truth" and lie that they just raise awareness and shouldn't be taken to seriously.

"A Current Affair" Episode One

Summary of stories

"Trained to kill

The two sharks that attacked Brad Smith a 29-year-old surfer may have been in 'training' to learn how to kill humans.

"Canned baby food nutritional value"

Australia's leading consumer organization has recently discovered that canned baby food does not have a high nutritional value when used as a staple.

"Olympic drug scandal"

The president of the international anti doping agency reveals that the recent drug scandals involving Australian's Olympians have changed the Australian Olympic teams image.

"Pre- election advertising"

The Howard government plans to spend $120 million (taxpayer money) in television, radio and newspaper pre-election advertisements.

"Slimmer of the year"

Finalists for Weight Watchers, "Slimmer of the year" competition have been announced.

"Slimmer of the year"

1.What is the purpose of the story?

To present to viewers the torment and trials of an overweight person and the way in which Weight Watchers allowed them to have a healthier and happier life. This is conveyed through the story of Samantha who had an arthritic joint disease therefore could not exercise. Samantha then went onto a Weight Watchers program and lost seventy-eight kilograms. She is now one of the finalists for the Weight Watchers 'slimmer of the year' award.

2. a) Who do you think is the target audience?

The target audience are people who are overweight and considering dieting, or people...