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I.Race Themea.From “enemies of Christ” to Stadial Theory to racei.“Socially constructed race was invented in a social system that identified precisely who was privileged and who was not.” (Robert Graves 65)ii.Why can’t Indians be in Republic?1.“us v. them” (Puritans), nationalism (Boone)2.Giddy Multitude wants land, “Empire of Liberty”3.Use Racea.War = settler mentality, politicians respondb.Courts do tooIndian Removal1)Phase 1, up to 1783a)How did Indians lose their land?i)Review Fur Trade Chain Reactionii)Imbalance of power (on the side of the Tribes)(1)Purchase = Indian Titleiii)Changes in the Land(1)Failure of King Philip (aka Metacom)(2)Why would tribes ally with Puritans against Metacom?b)Iroquois – tribes participate in struggle over Atlantic Worldi)E.g. Seven Years War, aka French and Indian Warii)Line of Proclamationiii)Pontiac and the First Pan-Indian Alliancec)Up through Seven Years War, colonists at a military disadvantage(1)Legal recognition of Indian ownership(2)Paying for land / changing land useii)“Indian Title”(1)Treaty of Paris 1783 = “Jurisdiction” over Indians given by Britain(2)US attempts to ignore Indian legal rights and simply assert claim to land by force(a)Early leaders knew future of nation lay in westward expansion(i)They tried to set a basis for an organized removal, departure, eradication of Indians and progressive development of continent by Americans(ii)Define imperialism1.

Washington’s version2. Jefferson’s version(3)Indians form Pan-Indian alliances and defeat USiii)Grudgingly, US adopts process of Treaty with Indians2)Northwest Indian War (aka Little Turtle’s War) 1783-1795a)US attempt at conquest fails in humiliating defeatsb)Nature of warc)Battle of Fallen Timbers (1794)3)Phase II, 1795-1862/1872i)Louisiana Purchase suggests more aggressive US(1)Purchase does not equal ownership(2)US unable to follow-up on purchase but does send out explorers(a)Cultural imperialismii)War of 1812 (1812-1814)(1)2nd “War for Independence”(2)many instances of provoking Indian war to gain land cessions.

iii)People’s imperialism(1)Longstanding desire to get fertile land for Freeholders(a)Take land rather than revolt aka “safety valve”(2)Hinterland development (more intense effort to integrate tribal lands into Atlantic World...