Study Notes about setting goals.

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Setting goals for yourself is very important . You must have something to work towards in order to please your conscious . Goals give you that motivation so you can work to fulfill you potential .

Goals can come in many different forms . Some goals help you work towards bigger goals . Short term goals help you accomplish your long term goals . One of my short term goals is to become more motivated . Motivation is the drive that gets you going . My motivation is low at this time , therefore I am not too productive with my spare time .

Being more active is another short term goal of mine . I have always been very active and lately I have become lazy . Being active is important to me . When I am my activity level is high I can accomplish more and manage my time more wisely .

Becoming more active will help me accomplish other goals I have set for myself .

Another short term goal I have set for myself will have long term affects . I recently got a new job that requires me to learn a lot about computers . Since I am a Computer Science major , this will help me in my studies as well in my future job search . I will have a degree and experience .

Short term goals are often more easily obtained then long term goals . Long term goals can take years even a full life time to accomplish . Though they are usually more difficult to accomplish , they are usually more significant . The accumulation of short term goals helps you accomplish the long term goals .

After finishing school , I hope to get a good job...