A Study Of Reading Habbits By Phillip Larkin. Discuss the methods used by Phillip Larkin to self dellude himself.

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"A Study of Reading Hapits"

A 'study of reading hapits' by Phillip Larkin explores an indivduals capacity for self delusion. Larkin's persona changes his self delusion through out the poem which is divided into 3 stanzas. He delibreratly tries not to be himself and more like a charchter from one of the books he is reading.

Larkin enters a world of self delusion becuase he doesn't want to face up to reality. His reality is bleak and books, "cure most things short of school", (stanza 1 line 2). At School he is being bullied and therefore he doesn't like the person he is. The books he reads are action adventure novels and he likes to pretend that he could be like the heroes in these novels if only he wanted. he doesn't have the courage, though, so clearly he's deluding himself.

The speaker explores an individuals capacity of self delusion to a great extent.

The speaker escapes to his world of delusion through reading books so much that," it was worth ruining my eyes", (stanza 1, line 3). His mother tells him reading will ruin his eyes but his reality is not worth facing and worth paying the price of impairing his vision. The types of books he likes to read are action adventure, this gives him the belief he can fight of bullies," And deal out the old right hook",(stanza 1, line 5) Although this is just in his head, he can't beat of the bullies in the real world this shows the extent which he ventures into his world of self delusion.

As the speaker gets older the way in which he escapes changes. The type of liteture he is reading changes from Action Adventure to Horror," Evil was just my lark", (stanaz 2, line 2). This shows...