A study on Thailand's tourism industry

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Page 3Introduction - Geographical location and the history of the tourism industry

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Page 7Consideration - Cultural Issue and Impact

Overcoming the problems

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Page 11Appendices (Tourism Statistics 2002 n 2001)

Page 12Appendices (Tourist Profile 2002)

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Geographical Location

Thailand is a melange of subtropical and temperate zones situated between 5 degrees and 21degrees from the north of the equator. The country has a very natural and beautiful landscape which is covered by plains, mountains, savannah, tropical rainforests and a sandy coastline which is facing the Andaman Sea. The country is set in the centre of mainland Southeast Asia, bordered Myanmar to the west, Laos in the north, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia down the south.

The insular kingdom stretches over 1800 km from north to south and contains a total land mass of 513,115 square kilometres, which is roughly equivalent to the size of France or slightly smaller than Texas. Many people say that Thailand's shape on the map is somehow resembles an elephant's head with the trunk forming the southern peninsula. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is situated in the elephant's mouth. It lies approximately 14 degrees from the north of the equator. Due to the landforms and drainage of the country, it is divided into six natural regions. Each region has its own ethic groups, resources, population and economic development.

Due to the size of Thailand, I have decided to concentrate mainly on one of the Islands in Thailand called Phuket. Phuket is Thailand's largest island, approximately the size of Singapore. Phuket is...