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I feel as though I am fourtenate enough to have many little things in my life that some people may not. One of the many little things in my life is my grandparents. They are always there for the good or bad times.

Weather it is Grandma's home cookedchicken-noodle soup, to make me feel better when I was sick. Or the often trips to Erie I got to take to go to church with her.

Maybe the day I called ten minutes before I needed to be at work for a ride and she came.

Grandma always being there when everyone else was to busy to care. The lady always was always my baby-sitter. Always trying to teach a trade of some kind weather gardening, landscaping, or cooking. Maybe just they way she has taught me to act towards people.

Or maybe Grandpa's always being ready for the first day of trout.

The great meals we cooked ,but I really mean ate at Burger King. The Kit-Kat bars he would always buy when I was younger, knowing I wasn't going to finish it. I would store it in the glove box never looking for it again. Or maybe the way he would always make the best chocolate pudding in the world. Letting me ride along to the orchard weather picking apple for cider, or just going to visit with relatives. I will never forget how he always makes sure I have a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Or how he volunteered to move me to camp even though his truck was old and rusty, and camp was not close to home at all.

Grandparents are a little thing in my life that have a large impact on me. In recent years as I have been growing older. I have slowly become to realize that I have a debt to my grandparents I can never repay. Yes as they get older I can help whether it is mowing the lawn, driving them places, or just visiting them so the know they are loved. I feel as if the little things my grandparents have done are probably more of an influence than anything society or life has taught me or will ever teach me.