Stupid People in the News. A real life news story that shows how people loose sight when they have been drinking

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If you have ever wondered how stupid people can be. Here's a news story about an actual stupid person, which happened in May 2005 in Foreman Arkansas. Seems that Jeff Foran was smart enough to call a friend to drive him home from another friends home, when Foran was too drunk to drive himself.

Sometime during the ride home, Foran, who was smoking a cigarette, jumped out of the car window and sustained minor injury for being a stupid person. The news paper reported - "Nelson said Foran was smoking a cigarette when it blew out the window and Foran jumped out the window to retrieve the cigarette. Nelson said he was driving between 55 and 60 mph when Foran jumped out," Foran suffered injury to his nose, eyes, and chin from landing on the eastbound lane of Route 234, near the Oklahoma border.

Now while Foran had the insight to call someone to drive him in his intoxicated state of mind, the same intoxicated mind led him to jump out of the moving vehicle which was traveling at speeds up to 60 mph.