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Stuxnet virus was created as a strategic plan to end and disable the Iranian nuclear plant that was called Busheur. It is alleged that the virus was created and spread by the governments of Israel and United States of America (Nakashima, Ellen, Greg Miller, and Julie Tate, 1). Systems that might have assisted to quickly build an Iranian nuclear bomb were effectively damaged and crippled by the nasty software. Stuxnet was first discovered in July 2010 when approximately 60% of infections were reported from Iran (Etalle, 3). While the United States and Israel did lead an aggressive international political campaign to get Iran to halt its nuclear program, neither country has openly admitted any involvement in this cyber-attack. There is no hard evidence that links either country to Stuxnet. Regardless, most experts believe that this cyber-attack was carried out by the two countries on Iranian computers that control centrifuges in key nuclear plants, and that it has set the country back at least a few years in its quest to build nuclear weapons.

However, some researchers have discovered that the program had also spread throughout many countries worldwide.

As early as 2004 the united states intelligence agencies had identified the NEDA industrial group, an Iranian company, that had an oversight of the Natanz facility computerized industrial control system and other nuclear proliferation reports, leaked state department cables and other documents that were gleaned from the federal court cases. This was an attempt to monitor the NEDA's efforts procurement of components that could or may be needed for creation of a nuclear weapon program.

Once the stuxnet had penetrated into the system, it had the ability to destroy or degrade the software on which it was operating. The worm covertly tries to identify and exploit...