Style and Contemporary Designs as a Result of Frank Lloyd Wright

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Style and Contemporary Designs as a Result of Frank Lloyd Wright

Even before his birth, his mother wanted him to become an architect. She placed

pictures of great buildings in Frank's nursery as a part of curbing his

interests towards architecture. (cmgww) Frank Lloyd Wright is known for his impact on

modern architecture. He has designed more than one thousand and forty homes and

buildings. Frank led an interesting life full of marriages, divorces, and


Frank was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin on June 8, 1867. His parents were

William Wright and Anna Lloyd-Jones. Frank's father was a music teacher and a

Baptist minister who led churches in Iowa, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. In

1885 Frank's father had abandoned the family, never to be heard from again.

During the summers Frank would go to his uncles' farm. (Wright, 11) This is where he became

fascinated with architecture. Even though he did not finish high school, he

spent two semesters studying civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

After those two years he moved to Chicago to work for Joseph Lyman Silsbee,

another famous architect. While working for Joseph, Frank designed his first

building, the Unity Chapel. (prairiestyles)

The next year Frank went to work for the firm of Adler and Sullivan. Frank

adopted Sullivan's motto " Form Follows Function," but he later revised it to

his own "Form and Function Are One." Even though Frank recognized few

influences in his life, he always credited Sullivan as a primary influence on

his career. (cmgww) While working for Sullivan, Frank met Catherine Tobin. The two fell

in love, borrowed $5000.00 from Sullivan, and moved to Oak Park, Illinois. They

built a house and raised their five children in it.

In 1909, Frank left his wife and kids to move to Germany...