The Style of "Wuthering Height" by Emily Bronte

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"Wuthering Heights" is presented by several different narrators, which include Nelly Dean and Lockwood. Although these voices do change, the novel also includes a letter from Isabella. An evident feature is the flashback technique, which comprises of a non-linear plot. The Yorkshire dialect makes the story seem real of that period of time, that is the early eighteen hundreds and reflects the mentality of the people at the time.

Two of the most powerful images in the novel include the moors and the supernatural. This landscape is comprised primarily of moors: wild expanses, high but somewhat soggy, and thus infertile. Moorland cannot be cultivated, and its uniformity makes navigation difficult. It features particularly waterlogged patches in which people could potentially drown. (This possibility is mentioned several times in Wuthering Heights.) Thus, the moors serve very well as symbols of the wild threat posed by nature. As the setting for the beginnings of Catherine and Heathcliff's bond since the two play on the moors during childhood, the moor land transfers its symbolic associations onto the love affair

Ghosts appear throughout "Wuthering Heights", as they do in most other works of Gothic fiction, yet Bronte always presents them in such a way that whether they really exist remains ambiguous.

Thus the world of the novel can always be interpreted as a realistic one. Certain ghosts--such as Catherine's spirit when it appears to Lockwood in Chapter three--may be explained as nightmares. The villagers' alleged sightings of Heathcliff's ghost in Chapter thirty-four could be dismissed as unverified superstition. Whether or not the ghosts are "real," they symbolize the manifestation of the past within the present, and the way memory stays with people, permeating their day-to-day lives. We should not forget that during the Victorian era the supernatural and the...